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Atlas Homecare and Hospice Services in Assisted Living

Meet Les and Nina.  They were married for 74 years before Nina passed away in 2016.  Les currently is a resident of ours in one of our Assisted Living communities and is doing well.

Before moving into the Assisted Living Community, Les was the main caregiver for Nina living at home.  One day, Les got sick and from his weakness, fell to the floor and stayed there for over 24 hours.  A family member found Les and called 911.  Nina wasn’t even aware of the situation.

After a few days in the hospital and a couple weeks stay in rehabilitation facility, home wasn’t going to be a safe place for them.  Assisted Living was the perfect option.  Upon discharge, the doctor wrote an order for Home Health.  Home Health services allow patients to receive skilled medical care in their home or at an assisted living community.  The goal of home health is to help seniors live independently in their own home/assisted living for as long as possible.  These services include, skilled nursing, physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, social workers, certified nursing assistants and respiratory therapists.  Les received these services and after a few weeks felt normal again.  Even though Les and Nina could of gone back home, they decided to stay at the assisted living because they enjoyed the company, the food, the activities, and the assistance.

Just a couple of months later, Nina wasn’t doing too well.  She wouldn’t eat much, got very weak, and didn’t say much.  Her body was shutting down.  The nurse at the assisted living community suggested hospice care.  Hospice care is a Medicare benefit designed for individuals in their final months of life.  Hospice does not hasten death, nor does hospice prolong life.  The focus is on quality of life, rather than extending life.  Hospice focuses on comfort and no pain.

After a month or so on hospice, Nina passed away in August 2016.  After 74 years of marriage, Les felt loss for a while.  However, the great staff at the Assisted Living community was able to give Les the attention and comfort he needed in those lonely hours.  Almost 2 years later Les is strong and in charge at the community.

Deciding on a Home Health or Hospice Company

Medicare beneficiaries are always free to choose any qualified provider and we support freedom of choice for all patients.  We will work with you to facilitate your choice of provider.  As you consider options, we want to disclose that one of the providers, Atlas Homecare and Hospice, is owned by our parent company.  The choice is entirely yours and we will support your use of any provider you prefer.

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